We strive to provide our guests with a world class, luxury experience whilst ensuring we maintain, and continue to improve on, our position as an environmentally friendly and sustainable hotel.

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As a sign of our ongoing commitment and efforts Millbrook was recently awarded the Enviro Gold Rating from Qualmark, New Zealand tourism’s official quality assurance organisation. We were assessed on our environmental performance including our initiatives in energy, waste, water, conservation and the community. Our Enviro-Gold Rating is in acknowledgement of Millbrook's continued effort to operate as a sustainable resort.


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Millbrook are also dedicated members of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment, which has a vision for New Zealand to lead the world in sustainable tourism. As part of our commitment Millbrook Resort embraces the following values:


Kaitiakitanga | the guardianship and protection of our natural, built and cultural resources for the benefit of current and future generations.


Manaakitanga | showing respect, hospitality, generosity and care for others.


Whanaungatanga | a relationship through shared experiences and working together which provides people with a sense of belonging.


Millbrook follows the Tiaki Promise by committing to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations. New Zealand is precious, and everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it.


Our Commitments to the Environment

Water use reduction actions:


• We mulch all of our gardens to help retain moisture and reduce irrigation requirements.
• To reduce our potable (treated for drinking) water usage, we source a specific irrigation supply for our golf course irrigation.
• Throughout summer we reduce water usage by only using race water from the Arrowtown river to feed each of our water features.
• Where necessary, water features include a recycling function to reduce top-up demands.
• Our irrigation system is controlled by a computer programme meaning we have greater control over water being used.
• Majority of watering is done overnight to reduce evapotranspiration.


Waste reduction actions:


• We have removed plastic straws from the resort and use recyclable takeaway coffee cups.
• We have removed plastic straws from the resort and use recyclable takeaway coffee cups.
• Recycling is in place for residential properties (kerbside) and commercial aspects of the resort with provision of facilities for guests to recycle.
• All electronic waste goes to the Molten Media Trust, a registered charity which promotes ethical recycling of electronic equipment and computers with an ultimate goal of zero waste to landfill.
• Chipping and composting of green waste for reuse on communal landscaped areas.
• Food waste from outlets diverted to local lifestyle farmer for chicken feed or included in the composting system.
• We have moved to digital compendiums, reducing our paper waste significantly.
• Where possible we return our plastic planter pots to suppliers for reuse.
• We use recycled timber for our menu boards and our bar leaners at Smithy’s Smoke House are made from recycled timber from the old woolshed.
• Our in-room dining menus are now printed as a QR code on recycled paper.
• We work with Hotel Weka in recycling our used hotel amenity bottles. The bottles are collected, cleaned, ground into a consistent form and remoulded into concrete reinforcing chairs which are used in foundations for concrete structures.
• Used milk bottles are sent back to the supplier for recycling.


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Carbon Reduction:

• Millbrook have a seasonal and sustainable Kitchen Garden with free range heritage chickens (we only use cage-free eggs at the resort). The garden is looked after by our certified bio dynamic gardener and everything we grow is organic from seed. We work hard to use everything we possibly can for the garden from the Millbrook grounds e.g. the compost is made from kitchen food waste, mulch is made from all the falling autumn leaves, hay for the chickens is cut and bailed on Millbrook land, wood chips for paths and weed suppression around trees and garden beds all come from fallen trees at Millbrook.
• The orchard has 80 fruit and nut trees with some that fruit early, middle and late in the season so that we have fruit all summer. The late harvest fruits are predominantly bottling fruit to service our breakfast buffet over the winter.
• We use electric golf carts for as much of the transport around the resort as possible.
• When possible, we buy hybrid mowers instead of straight petrol/diesel, this reduces our overall fuel consumption and emissions.
• We use local suppliers where possible.
• We provide a regular shuttle for guests and staff to help reduce the number of individual vehicles on the road.


Natural Environment Enhancements:


• We measure the water quality in the natural water course, Mill Stream, from where it enters the resort to where it exits in order to ensure the water quality stays the same or improves throughout its course through Millbrook. 
• We continue to make ongoing improvements to the banks and wetlands within the resort, which has led to an increase in the native birdlife.
• We continue to plant a number of native trees around the resort.

Giving Back to the Community

• Millbrook has gifted a portion of land to the community for the establishment of a recreation reserve used for the local cricket ground.


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• Millbrook is a Platinum sponsor of the Queenstown Trails Trust for which we have donated circa $10,000 plus Millbrook has given access for the trail to pass through the centre of the resort. This important link in the trail has enabled the physical completion of a circuit which extends from Queenstown to Gibbston Valley.
• During summer months we offer Kitchen Garden tours to our guests and locals so they can learn about our garden to plate philosophy and view all the wonderful fruits and vegetables we grow. Guests also get to meet our Millbrook chickens.
• Millbrook sponsored a kiwi named Mahuta Mills, which was taken care of by the team at Kiwi Birdlife Park in Queenstown. In December 2018 Mahuta Mills was released into the wild in conjunction with the ZAA (Zoo and Aquarium Association).


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• Millbrook hosts the start of the Queenstown International Marathon.
• We are a continued sponsor of the annual Arrowtown Autumn Festival.
• We sponsor a number of local schools  and charities by providing vouchers for major fundraising events.
• We endeavour to source goods and services from local businesses.
• Millbrook is one of the largest employers in the Queenstown-Lakes region.
• Millbrook work closely with the local Queenstown Resort College in support of their work experience programme.
• Millbrook provides work placement for students of Cromwell Turf College. Our Golf Course Superintendent is an assessor for the College for approving the practical skills of its students.
• Millbrook is a part of the Fresh Air Project, an initiative coordinated by the Southern District Health Board and Cancer Society, to create smoke free outdoor areas. Currently the Millhouse, Hole In One Café, Clubhouse and Kobe Cuisine all operate 100% smoke and vape free.

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