Improve your golf swing with the region’s very best coaches at Millbrook Resort.

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Micah Dickinson

Micah Dickinson is the Director of Golf at Millbrook Resort, while his initial role is considered to be the Face of Golf, he is also well equipped to helping all golfers improve their game too.

Micah has been a PGA member for 11 years; through this time, he has coached a variety of different ability levels from PGA Tour players to novice first time golfers. His philosophy is to keep the game simple and communicate effectively.

Micah has a real passion for the game of golf, working and playing for the past 22 years have led him to a position where he understands the game and also recognises how to best communicate this to all levels of golfers. He takes pride in helping out people who are new to the game and feels he has a real skill set to help these people find the passion for the sport.

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Mitchell Newport

Mitchell is Millbrook's Assistant Professional/Advanced Golf Instructor. He has been a PGA Member for 4 years, starting his traineeship in 2019, soon after completing an accounting degree in his hometown of Nelson.

He prides himself on being a great communicator, which helps foster a clear understanding of what the player is wanting from the session, as well as extracting the best golf out of all players. Seeing the reaction of a player noticing the positive changes during a coaching session is one of Mitchell's favourite parts of being a golf coach.

Mitchell is a firm believer in ensuring each golfer has sound fundamentals before delving into any technical aspects of the golf swing.

"Above all, I want to help each golfer get as much enjoyment as possible out of this great game." - Mitchell

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Micah and Mitchell offer a variety of golf coaching options at Millbrook that is tailored to suit your particular needs and experience. View our current options and pricing below.

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Ben Gallie

Ben is the Director of coaching for Gallie Golf based at Millbrook Resort. Over the past several years, Ben has taken more than 15,000 lessons which makes him one of the most sought-after coaches in New Zealand. 85% of Ben’s lessons are with people aged 50 years and over and he has mastered the art of getting the best out of golfers of this age group. He understands that bodies don't move the same as others and has developed the ‘Essentials Golf Swing Method’ to maximise golfers' club head speed.

A qualified NZPGA Golf Professional, Ben has been specialising in the short game with a goal that every golfer who comes for a lesson will leave as a better player, and he is fast becoming one of the best short game coaches in New Zealand.

Millbrook has world-class facilities for coaching and training and has the use of Flight Scope and SAM Putt Lab.

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